Branding & Advertising

Make People Believe


The creative spark is the bridge between the product and customer behaviour. This assumes that the bridge is situated at the same point as the target audience. This is what we aim to do and what we stand for.


The strategy and concept stand at the beginning of every advertising campaign. This applies equally for image campaigns and for product and awareness campaigns. The underlying creative idea represents the communicative hook – across all media and throughout the duration of the campaign. Or beyond. To achieve this, we set ourselves targets and pursue them rigorously.


Media function as an intermediary between the message and the target audience. The different channels appeal to different audiences. Moreover, the characteristics of the respective media are a decisive factor on which advertising campaigns can build: While traditional print, radio and television channels offer only little direct interaction, digital media campaigns are to a greater extent conceived with user behaviour in mind. We are up-to-date and always finding new paths.


Digital media offer a cornucopia of possible experiences. This demands that the desired user experience as well as the necessary interfaces function optimally and in a carefully considered manner. And for as long as possible. We pinpoint the interface between the customer and the message and define appearance and function.


A design that is oriented towards the right target audiences and media places the message in the very best light. Regardless of whether this is on a smartphone or on the big screen. All interfaces between the target audience and the offering are simple, logical and intuitive to access, and lead to success thanks to a clean design. We take care of aesthetics and functionality.


Concept & strategy

User experience

User interface & design

Media planning

Budget and time planning

Realisation & implementation