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The identity is the sum of characteristics that distinguishes one organisation or company from another. With our systematic approach, we accompany you on the path to brand originality.


The identity of an organisation is always in a state of conflicting priorities between the factors of #Identification (What am I?) and #Differentiation (What am I not?). Using a systematic process, it is possible to determine these values. This results in a specific brand essence that forges a connection with your target audience.


All elements that contribute first to recognition and then to customer loyalty: From the name to the claim, all the way to the individual visual characteristics of a brand. These transport the values of the branding.


The branding lends emotional images and stories to the technical performance of a trade mark.


Branding means representing consistent brand elements. This is true both for brand hierarchy and applicability: The branding is clearly comprehensible, scalable across all channels and media and reproducible in all required situations.


Branding underpins and clarifies the messages and levels of information. It defines the significance of the information content and its integration in the overall appearance. A connection arises between company and product range.

Branding 2.0

The brand environment is a determining factor of branding. Thereby, the fields of communication are shifting into the digital realm. A profile image on the digital networks has become an essential business card. The branding should be deployed to full advantage on all screen formats, and increasingly, it incorporates moving elements. Branding shapes the interfaces and offers an intelligent and purposeful interaction for the user – it becomes a user experience.


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